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Glowing Skull Part I by Ian Brooks

This is my voiced rendition of another of Ian Brook's literary pieces.

I came into possession of these lands not through force but by patriarchal bequeathment

I still struggle daily with this newfound power over territory I gained not through achievement

Though I have tried my mightiest to rule with benevolence in a world darkstruck

I also came to own the glowing skull my father had used for good luck

The magic which makes it glow internally I know not nor wish to know

But it warmed the darkening precipes of my mind through coming winter’s snow

My subjects yearned to know the secrets I now held tight to chest

I could only tell them of the God’s wills and not the rest

Though surely to tell them would easily hasten my dark burden’s end

It seemed prudent at the time to keep the secret safe from the masses’ creative bend

For such a secret festers in one mind before blossoming into urban storm

It takes on shapes and substances of its own not entirely of earthly form

Still, the villagers notice when their newfound Ruler speaks in secrets places to the unknown

And acquires fortune in ways black magic witches create cyclones

A mystery, they speak in silence. But they know not that which moves me

The Skull doesn’t so much talk, as it shifts when light dances off it starkly

A flinch, a movement, a creep in its overall countenance, these are its expressions

How it interacts with me, how it floats words through my mind like infections

It does not ask me to fulfill some overall banal purpose, nor its intentions wrong

But it wills me to some irreconcilable end which I fear to tread along

Candles wax drips, the Skull twists in response to a question asked,

A wish, a thought, a goal in mind, to set into motion, to come about next

And it comes to be, though I know not from wence this black magic comes

As the millennia pass like yawns in eternity, I ponder where it came from

How it came to be, how my father came to own this glowing Skull of Might.

Luck, I understand, had nothing to do with it. It sought me out, it had me in sight

And I rule the lands which are now mine with certainty that the Universe speaks through me

That my subjects must know this, that I am their Ruler, for all of eternity.